Success Stories

SM-Intel follows international standards and uses only methodologies tested by industry-leading clients, as well as some disruptive models, generating deeper readings of its clients and also its competition.

Ask about our success stories:

  1. Creation of market research and competitive intelligence departments from scratch (Cemex & Gruma).
  2. Marketing plans design: Mergers and Acquisitions (Home Depot & Home Mart).
  3. Brand development and brand extensions (ask for specific cases: Soft Drinks, Snacks, Industrial, Alcohol Beverages, among others).
  4. Brands design, execution and monitoring using opportunity detection systems and commercial threats (Cemex, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Gruma, Mision).
  5. Competition’s early tactics and strategies detection (Gruma y Cemex).

Ask about our success stories .

Our Philosophy

1) Experience = 22 years + 11 countries + multiple categories + traditional and disruptive methodologies + 150 leading brands…and counting!

2) Dependable = We don’t gamble!,  We been there.. We’ve done that… and Had done it just rigth!

3) Flexibility… for those decisions that simply can’t wait.

4) We Innovate in every project based on disruptive models, new trends and research tools to Customize your CX (Customer Experience).

5) We provide Actionable Knowledge based on Market Research and Competitive Intelligence International Standards.

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