About Us

Strategic Marketing is a company with business associates and operations in many countries in the American continent, supported by more than 20 years of solid professional experience with leading companies in a variety of categories.


Success Stories


Our services are not limited only to delivering results, in addition, we also offer support on models interpretation and implementation so that the actions taken following the delivery of this information are applied correctly…. Ask about our success stories:

  1. Creation of customer research and competitive intelligence departments from scratch.
  2. Marketing plans design: Mergers and Acquisitions (Home Depot & Home Mart).
  3. Brand development and brand extensions (ask for specific cases).
  4. Introduction of brand names into the Hispanic market in the U.S.
  5. Brand design, application and monitoring using opportunity detection systems and commercial threats (Cemex, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Gruma, Mision).
  6. Competition’s early  tactics and strategies detection (Gruma y Cemex).

Ask about our success stories (developed by Strategic Marketing, as well as others authorized by our clients)


Our Philosophy


  1. To work alongside our clients, not  just  for  them.
  2. To provide experiencie, not just skills.
  3. To cut down their costs and increase their efficiency through an integral vision of the projects.